Tara Quinn


As a classically trained actress, studying Acting at the Arts Educational School in London for 3 years and the intensive Shakespeare course at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) Tara's debut on the London stage won critical acclaim with the British press. Leading roles continued on stage and film.




Evening Standard

"Tara who plays the role (Mary Tilford) with frightening skill. Skulks around pouting and is driven to her evil machinations and manipulations by an adolescent's overwrought sense of perceived injustice."

Review by Fiona Mountford


"Brilliantly played by Tara Quinn, easily holding her own among an excellent cast. She plays the bad seed in the small-town school as a manipulative liar who reigns over a coven of bitchy girls."

The Children's Hour

Review by Jonathan Gibbs

The Stage

"Tara Quinn plays the dominating and lying Mary, as motiveless and malign as Shakespeare's Iago. Collectively pulling the wool over everyones eyes, she cajoles, bullies and blackmails the vulnerable."

The Children's Hour Review By Barbara Lewis

What's On Stage

"The slandering schoolchild was a springboard for Emily Watson at The National. Here, given a devastating, hooded eyed, hang-jawed performance by Tara Quinn."

Review By John Thaxter

Best Supporting Actress


"Tara achieved a carefully structured performance which mixed all the elements of girlish ego, to innocence and terror. There were genuine tears from both Tara and the audience every night."

Arts Richmond Swan Award, UK

Role of Mary Warren, in The Crucible

The Devils


"In this 5 star production of Dostoevsky's The Devils, Tara Quinn plays the role of the damaged and innocent Matryosha, pursuing Stavrogin like a shadow, as if embodying the ceaseless torment of his conscience."

Review by The GB Russian Society

Southwark Playhouse

"Thank you so much for all your hard work - you were fantastic as Nell Gwyn and it was a pleasure to work with you!"

 Director Natasha Dawn, Southwark Playhouse

Role of Nell Gwyn, in

A Debt to Pleasure


 Best Docudrama Award

Winner for Best Docudrama at Abuja International Film Festival.

Tara Quinn as Becky Benson in Film 'Around the World in 21 Days'

Abuja International Film Festival

Winner, Best Docudrama

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